Snowskating is like skateboarding on snow.
The board is ridden like a skateboard - without any bindings or straps holding the rider to the board, and is controlled like a snowboard with a sidecut in the bottom of the board.

There are two types of snowskates presently in the market place:
A single deck and a bi-deck.

NEMO produces the easier to ride bi-deck.

The bi-deck board - consists of a sub deck or mini ski underneath a skateboard sized board. This configuration has revolutionised snowskating and allows the board to be controlled in the same manner as a snowboard. Riders can navigate any terrain, including ski runs by linking turns just like skiing or snowboarding. Likewise, speed and braking can be controlled by turning.

Some points to consider are:
- Low cost entry.
- Accessible to families and first timers
- Novelty factor - Snowskating is new and cool.
- Enjoyment . Snowskating is easier and quicker to learn than snowboarding and more fun than a toboggan.